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Acuitas ActivEHR 2.0 EMR Software

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: Dec, 2023

Acuitas activEHR 2.0 is a product of Ocuco, a sophisticated Electronic Health Records (EHR) software designed for mid-sized ophthalmology and optometry practices.  It is designed to empower ophthalmologists and healthcare physicians to oversee, distribute, and archive patient health records adeptly.

Acuitas activEHR 2.0 EHR software boasts the latest clinical reports, medical health performance charts, and other pertinent information in a unified display for ease of use and optimized functionality for optometry practices. Seamless integrated collaboration with DrFirst, a third-party vendor specializing in e-prescribing services, establishes a secure API link, providing physicians with a streamlined platform to input patient details, thereby accessing medication history, allergy information, and active prescriptions in real time.

Acuitas activEHR 2.0 EHR software leverages the services of Secure Exchange Solutions (SES) to facilitate the secure exchange of patients’ medical information. SES equips practices with secure email addresses, facilitating the exchange of Patient Health Information (PHI) through encrypted channels, ensuring utmost security.

Furthermore, catering to the workflow of independent opticians with one or two consulting rooms, Acuitas activeEHR 2.0 offers ophthalmologists Acuitas Optical, a complete Practice Management (PM) solution. This innovative software empowers ophthalmologists to optimize their practice operations, enhancing time management and elevating the level of patient service provided.

Acuitas Optical, also delivers cost savings, time efficiency, and increased sales. Noteworthy features include automatic updates of frame information through Frames Data IDA (Immediate Data Access), a 3D lens viewer, centralized HO management, and a secure audit trail.

Key features of Acuitas Optical encompass:

  • Appointment-to-collection functionality within a single application
  • Comprehensive Examinations complemented by graphics
  • Thorough Patient Recall is facilitated through various communication modes, including letters, SMS, email, and phone
  • Marketing tools for targeted and effective patient communications
  • Robust staff and inventory management tools
  • Seamless integration with Fundus and anterior cameras for collaborative equipment sharing
  • Connectivity with Focimeters, phoropters, autorefractors, and tonometer for swift data entry

Acuitas activEHR 2.0 EHR software stands out as the preferred choice for practices emphasizing the frequent sharing of high-value diagnostic ophthalmic equipment and prioritizing the utmost security of patient data.

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