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Advanced Health Management System (AHMS)
EMR Software

Advanced Health Management System (AHMS) electronic health records (EHR) software is a web-based and cloud-based software solution.  This could prove to be very useful for small to mid-sized practices (due to its data storage capabilities), who are heavy on admin but light on local IT infrastructure. Overall what this means is that practitioners can ‘tip the balance’ in favor of service rather than administration. AHMS EHR Software also features the choice of manual or automatic insurance processing which can be a real boon for small practices who rely upon timely insurance payments.

Advanced Health Management System (AHMS) electronic medical records (EMR) software features include e-prescribing, flexible scheduling, clinical and RX interfaces, integration with labs, pharmacies and diagnostic devices, a clear Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Patients and intra-office messaging. Another feature that practitioners may find of great use is an auto-complete feature that generates prescriptions based on prescription history. This is created as consultation notes are completed by the practitioner.

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