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athenaCollector EMR Software

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: Jan, 2022

athenaCollector Electronic Medical Record (EMR) delivers more than just a conventional medical billing system with its Cloud-based Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) tools. The software is developed by athenahealth and helps practices collect payments as fast as possible, by reducing the processing and collection time. The major administrative and clinical tasks can be easily automated, reducing the workload and stress off of the staff’s shoulders.

The software is system is highly capable in terms of financial management and provides a number of integrated functionalities. The most important features include claims processing, claims scrubbing, code & charge entry, compliance tracking, and dunning management. Tasks like insurance verification and invoice generation are also made easier through athenaCollector.

The software also provides financial advice in terms of quotes and estimates, along with remittance assistance. It can handle practices of all sizes and specialties equally well and help speed up their collection periods.

With a huge client base of above 72,0000, athenaCollector is one of the biggest RCM tools out in the market. It provides a Cloud-based as well as Web-based hosting and SaaS deployment. The software support is extremely helpful and a live representative is available 24/7 to handle all your queries. The training provided is also pretty comprehensive and contains online videos, webinars, documentation and in-person training sessions.

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