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CGM DAQbilling
EMR Software

DAQbilling is a web-based Electronic Health Record (EHR), Practice Management & Billing service provider. The purpose of the software is to provide a set of billing services offered by CGM to billing companies, laboratories, and medical practices.

DAQbilling EHR solution can be used across a broad range of specialties as a single solution for making informed clinical decisions and managing patient records while meeting the day-to-day operational needs of the medical practices.

It is a fully-integrated practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) solution that puts important documentation, reports, billing information, patient health records, and scheduling tools all in one place. Since the PM and EHR functions are completely integrated, all data will be updated in real time which means there is no need to spend additional money on implementing interfaces across the platform. As a result, everyone from the front office staff, clinicians and billing team, can access the most up-to-date insight needed to improve care delivery and practice efficiency.

DAQbilling aims to reduce errors and to help clinicians to receive payment in time. The billing profiles are totally customizable, which enables the clinical staff to have maximum control over claim data, helping them to improve claim accuracy at the same time. While offering maximum flexibility to a medical practice, the software allows integration with 3rd party systems.  It can also be integrated with CGM’s EMR, CGM’s WebEHR, and CGM LabDAQ.

Patient Portal service is also available within the DAQbilling software package. It allows patients to have secure communication with their Health Care Providers. By enabling patients’ self-service access to their medical information, medical practices can boost efficiency, reduce costs, utilize staff better and greatly improve the physician-patient relationship through improved communication.

DAQbilling is ideal for small to mid-sized practices and is best known for its user-friendly & intuitive interface. It minimizes the operational costs of healthcare facilities and increases their revenue.

User Reviews

Pros: Very efficient and easy to navigate through

Cons: A bit expensive and it also takes time to resolve bugs after each update

Verdict: Good for a large practice with separate medical office

  • Karri, Stonecreek Medical Association
  • Nov, 2017

Pros: I am able to switch between databases for my multiple companies and the reports are easy to generate. Every person i encountered was very well accommodating.

Cons: Some of the parts are confusing.

Verdict: Review as many companies as you can before making a decision

  • Betty, Max Comp Billling
  • Oct, 2017

Pros: Only one thing, it integrates with labdaq

Cons: Full of flaws, features do not work as they should, most of the reports are inaccurate. The management staff is absolutely useless.

Verdict: Absolute nightmare

  • Jane, Ten HealthCare
  • Oct, 2017

Pros: The support form call center is fantastic. The reps know the product and are willing to trouble shoot.

Cons: It is not available for MAC

Verdict: Good Customer Support

  • Shelley, Neuropsychology Consultants
  • Sep, 2017

Pros: Fairly economical and easy to submit and manage the scheduler. Customer support is easy to reach and readily available.

Cons: It is difficult to run reports that give the specific information you are looking for. Integration with PM is not fluid.

Verdict: Not intuitive or user friendly

  • Philip, Neuropsychology Consultant
  • Aug, 2017

Pros: Efficient and user friendly, excellent and ready to help training help desk.

Cons: Nothing at all seems to be a problem

Verdict: Awesome

  • Cindy, Gulf States Rehab
  • Aug, 2017

Pros: Inexpensive, access is never denied. That is all I can say about it

Cons: Customer support, reimbursement issues since we switched to them. Encounters get lost between software and clearing house.

Verdict: Do not recommend

  • Steve, FSF
  • Aug, 2017
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