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ChartMaker Medical Suite

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: Jun, 2020

ChartMaker® Medical Suite is a fully functional Electronic Health Records (EHR) software that helps medical practices to excel in their daily workflows related to clinical, administrative, and financial tasks. It is specifically designed for medical healthcare professionals and healthcare centers. ChartMaker® Practice Management (PM) solutions support the maintenance of patients’ health records, manage medical billing, and track scheduling lists.

ChartMaker® EHR Software is DRUMMOND Certified and ONC-HEALTH IT- 2015 Edition certified to ensure enhanced protection and productivity of the software system.

The cloud-based solution has a robust set of features including claims management, insurance eligibility verification, patient billing, patient records, patient portal, and e-Prescribing (e-Rx). ChartMaker® Medical Suite offers its users a comprehensive mobile medical billing and scheduling system which captures charges effectively and the practitioner can view hospital rounds on their mobile device.

ChartMaker® EHR software systems support and assists the user for MIPS. The software system provides seamless integration with billing and practice management (PM) to avoid entry duplication. Lab integrations in the ChartMaker® Electronic Health Records software help to receive lab information electronically and provides connections with the major labs. Templates can be easily customized and personalized through the template editor feature. STI furthermore, provides a patient portal which allows a patient to keep track of their medical information and also communicate with their healthcare provider via instant two-way messaging. Users can get both on-site and remote training for the EHR system.

Comprehensive ChartMaker® Practice Management (PM) software provides complete functionality taking care of eligibility checking, claims to scrub to reduce any billing errors, and electronic insurance billing. ChartMaker® Practice Management (PM) platform is HIPAA Compliant providing security of data round the clock. Reporting options are also provided for analysis and accountability. The appointment scheduler option of the software allows patients to schedule appointments online.

ChartMaker® mobile app services are available for free for a limited time for both Apple and Android users. ChartMaker® Medical Suite offers an all-inclusive set of solutions to take your medical practice to the next level.

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