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Chiro QuickCharts EHR Software

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: Feb, 2020

Chiro QuickCharts is a quality Health IT solution designed for chiropractic clinics. The system offers practice management, patient check-in, billing, and certified electronic health records (EHR) applications. The software suits medical practices of all sizes.

Chiro QuickCharts automates the patient check-in process and features customizable notes functionality. The system allows patients to complete their medical history and answer questions related to their health condition before and after every visit.

Chiro QuickCharts also allows physicians and practice staff to set up alerts and reminders. They can also create a list of “to-dos??? which appears on the main page of the system. This helps to ensure that clinicians remember all the important tasks they have on their schedule. An in-office chat room facilitates providers and staff communication easily and efficiently, and this eventually assists in serving the patients in a better way. Providers can also send their patients’ email and text appointment reminders through this system. Chiro QuickCharts is ONC 2014 Edition certified and is also Meaningful Use compliant.

The system offers Travel Card styled patient charts that allow clinicians to easily view patients’ past three visits on a single screen and even scroll back, effortlessly, to the patients’ first entry. The software also includes templates for patient letters along with handouts and a full range of codes and documents that can be easily scanned and imported directly into patient charts. This saves time and effort and allows clinicians to focus more on their patients.

If you are a medical practice looking for a Health IT solution offering practice management, patient check-in, billing, and certified Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications, then this might just be the system you need!

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