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EMR Software

Developed by Affinity Billing, ClinicMind is an Electronic Medical Record and practice management solution for the mental health industry. The system is a cloud-based solution and is compatible with tablets, PCs, and Macs.

Core features of this system include picture archiving, patient scheduling and medical billing. The primary purpose of this software is to streamline practice workflow in order to save the time and resources of clinicians.

For each walk-in appointment or call-ahead, the solution’s automatic checklist prompts the clinician to enter the precise medical information for the patient. The system further includes automated notifications that alert medical staff whenever a patient misses an appointment. ClinicMind also offers customized templates along with reliable alerts for missed tasks.

ClinicMind also features a billing module that allows clinicians to file claims with ease and in less time. This ensures that practices have to do less paperwork and gain a faster turnaround for insurance reimbursements. The system offers a more predictable cash flow and ensures a more profitable practice.

In addition to the billing services, the company also offers a dedicated team working for its clients who provide timely follow up with insurance companies to ensure that the claims are paid on time, every time.

ClinicMind is ONCATCB certified and is also Meaningful Use compliant.

If you are a medical practice looking for a web-based Electronic Medical Record and practice management solution for the mental health industry, then this might just be the system you need!

User Reviews

Pros: Adaptability to my needs e fax and data input from the patient prior to their apartment.

Cons: Within days of purchasing the system, I realized I made a mistake and I don't have to click on too many pages to get through my note.

Verdict: It has a lot of features that are helpful With electronic health records EHR software.

  • Richard, Med Star Medical Care Center.
  • Jun, 2018

Pros: The AlphaFlex EHR Software program has far too many limitations.

Cons: Everything about this program is like a teenager that took a programming course and thinks that they can do everything now.

Verdict: It's rather impressive.

  • Susan, Mental Health Care Center.
  • Apr, 2018
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