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CPSI EHR is a quality Health IT solution that offers a fully integrated suite of products featuring a user-friendly electronic health records (EHR) system, a billing and accounting platform, a radiology information system and a picture archiving system. These applications have been specially designed to fulfill the needs of rural and community hospitals along with acute care centers of all sizes. The latest version of this system is certified for Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2 and ONC-ATCB.

The practice management component offered in this Health IT solution includes an easy to use dashboard that can be learned by the entire practice staff. CPSI’s EHR solution features three point-of-healthcare medication management modules:

  1. Medication reconciliation.
  2. e-Prescribing.
  3. Medication administration verification.

CPSI EHR system can also integrate with labs and offers procedure workflow modules to further aid the clinicians in their daily tasks. The software also comes complete with quality patient portals which allow patients to make appointments online. They can also view their health records and request prescription renewals.

In its essence, CPSI EHR has been designed to offer everything a clinician may need to achieve their set goals regarding their medical practice. The system has been designed with the aim of freeing clinicians from time-consuming data entry tasks and helping them to focus more on patient care. The system also includes physical therapy and cardiopulmonary applications along with an easy to use laboratory information system featuring quality control, blood inventory and microbiology modules.

The billing module offered by the company feature key services such as automated report processing and claim scrubbing for accurate claims processes. These services ensure a seamless flow of revenue and also contribute to the smooth functioning of the billing process.

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