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Denticon Practice Management Software

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: Apr, 2024

Denticon by Planet DDS is a dedicated electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) software for dental practices. A cloud-based system, Planet DDS recognizes the specialty-specific requirements of dental practices and aims to provide seamlessly integrated documentation, imaging solutions, and user-friendly solutions.

Planet DDS offers Apteryx XVWeb Imaging which is designed to scale with device diagnostic software. It allows practitioners to store, view, and optimize clinical images for treatment planning that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Planet DDS Apteryx is compatible with all devices and doesn’t require special sensors to operate the imaging software and storage. Apetryx is also modifiable and provides a secure sharing portal for integrated multi-specialty healthcare.

Denticon is Planet DDS’s answer to practice management (PM) software for dental practices. A  cloud-based PM solution, Denticon enables dental practices to securely access centralized patient data and operations and empowers providers to focus on taking care of their patients. Planet DDS Denticon is equipped with HIPAA-compliant security features that protect patient data through state-of-the-art firewalls.

A unique feature of Planet DDS is Legwork Dental Marketing. A patient communications tool, Legwork helps dental practices drive more patients to their practices. It helps dental practices view practice growth, patient demographics, web stats, and the performance of patient email campaigns. In addition to access to dental communication software that combines strategic digital ad campaigns with a dental website that delivers contacts directly, Legwork software also  boosts patient experience by reducing phone calls via online booking.

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