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  • Meaningful Use Certification
  • Document Management
  • Mobility Capabilities
  • e-Prescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • E&M Coding
  • Practice Management



Modernizing Medicine® provides an intuitive data-driven, specialty-specific EMR/EHR system called EMA™. A complete healthcare IT suite that includes Practice Management, Analytics, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), modmed ® Kiosk, a Patient Portal including Telehealth and pathology (for Dermatology practices).

The specialty solutions suite by Modernizing Medicine’s is not only dermatology specific but is also available for ophthalmology, orthopedics, otolaryngology, urology, plastic surgery and pain medicine practices.

Cloud-based EHR platform is enhanced by the native iPad app which includes built-in specialty-specific knowledge-base, MIPS intelligence platform and an ICD-10 solution.

EMA™ is compatible with labs, and integrated with diagnostic equipment and imaging software to make reports easy to access and store in patient charts. It provides annotation capabilities, where doctors can draw on images with e-pens to point out specific areas of an illness. It includes a series of pre-built templates allowing healthcare professionals to select commonly used diagnoses, refill prescriptions quickly and gain patient consent efficiently, making workflow smoother for an overall efficient operation.

EMA™ also features specialty-specific revenue cycle management, inventory management, physician group purchasing, and physician quality reporting solutions.

EMA™ collects structured data and is optimized for value-based care under MACRA. The system’s adaptive learning engine remembers a healthcare provider’s specific preferences and allows physicians to actively select commonly used diagnoses (ICD), prescriptions (e-Rx) and consent forms. Utilizing the Interactive Anatomical Atlas™ and Virtual Exam Room™, physicians can tap and touch their way through a clinical encounter while focusing on their patients.

EMA™ is a full suite EHR system, which means that it includes elements of medical practice management (PM) and medical billing within its software. Because it is cloud-based, EMA™ offers support for a range of mobile and handheld devices, making a medical practice more flexible in where and how it can be operated

EMA™ was designed with structured data technology that handles the Value-based Payment Modifier and facilitates quality reporting, including Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS) program reporting. The system can also remember the specific requirements of each provider through an adaptive learning engine, and physicians are able to actively select commonly used diagnoses, prescriptions and consent forms.

Designed specifically by practicing physicians, the benefits of this healthcare IT suite includes automated billing and coding, Cloud-based functionality, automated notes and bills, no templates or macro restrictions, data-driven productivity and enhanced patient engagement, thus, saving time and effort.

User Reviews

Pros: Excellent software, very user friendly, works across desktops and smart phones and charting is quick and easy . They clearly listen to us and are making constant changes to improve it.

Cons: It lacks the ability to rearrange topics for personalize workflow.

Verdict: Specialty specific EMR

  • Audrey, ECPS
  • May, 2018

Pros: User friendly, cuts charting time in half, chatting is super easy.

Cons: Specialty specific, would love to have a system available for internal functional medicine.

Verdict: Good Option.

  • Erica, Subspecialties Clinic
  • May, 2018

Pros: Excellent interface, easy to use, very detailed, works very well for dermatology

Cons: payment system needs to be a bit smoother

Verdict: Overall good experience

  • Caryn, NBD
  • May, 2018

Pros: Training staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable, the system has a good interface

Cons: Support is not very good and interface lacks some options.

Verdict: Simple product.

  • Deanna, Urology Nevada
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: The software is fairly user friendly and has tons of features like inter connectivity to test programs.

Cons: Not very friendly for Ophthalmology practices.

Verdict: Younger doctors will find it easier to learn, you have to be a bit tech savvy to understand it completely

  • Kevin, RVS
  • Jan, 2018
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