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Falcon Silver EHR Software by DaVita®

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: Dec, 2023

Falcon Silver EHR Software by DaVita® Physician Solutions is a specialty-specific Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, designed to cater to the needs of nephrology practices. It is a Cloud-based EMR software available to all Nephrology Healthcare providers across the US. Falcon Silver Electronic Health Records (EHR) software has a robust system that provides an overview of all the patient lab tests, allergies or other complications, along with an access point via a simple name search.

Falcon Silver Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software offers features like dialysis scheduling, dispute dialysis orders, lab data management, monthly financial reporting, e-prescription (e-Rx), etc. The software is integrated with DaVita Dialysis Centers which provide the latest lab results and clinical data. The fully integrated management tools of the software give alerts when a patient’s fluid values become out of range. This helps in decreasing the rate of fluid-related hospitalization.

The IT software features Nephrology tailored IT tools which the nephrologists work more efficiently. As it is accessible through smartphones, it instantly submits orders to make medications receiving process faster. The nephrology-specific EMR assists physicians in providing quality healthcare to the patients. It has also partnered with Epic (the EMR software giant) and is focused on curing chronic kidney diseases using Epic’s Universal Technology Program.

Falcon Care EMR Software provides nephrology-specific tools to help nephrologists as they are navigating through ever-changing healthcare conditions. You can customize the Electronic Medical Records system according to your specialty’s needs as the software is designed with a clear focus on providing modern technology catering to the needs of your practice.

If you are looking for software designed specifically for Nephrology practices or Dialysis clinics, then Falcon Silver EMR Software might be the best option for you.

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