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gGastro EHR suite is an Electronic Health Records software (EHR) and Practice Management software (PM) provision that offers both cloud-based and server-based installations so that practitioners can choose which suits their needs best. It is specifically designed for Gastroenterology practices for all sizes whether it is a solo practice or a large network of practitioners.

Features such as Electronic Health Records software (EHR), Practice Management software (PM), Endoscopy Report Writing (ERW), Nursing Notes, Patient Population Management, Medical Billing for small practices and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) for Hospitals and large practices are included in the package.

gGastro EMR software is certified for stage-2 meaningful use and truly enhances accuracy, coherence, and quality of patient care.

This cloud-based EMR software vendor also offers a patient portal which lets physicians and patients communicate securely. The gPortal is a HIPAA compliant patient portal and is fully integrated with gGastro EHR software suite which allows patients to share their health summary with other practitioners, as well as enjoying online billing and payment options.

It is one of the leading Gastroenterology Electronic Medical Records Software on the market providing an affordable option to Health Caregivers to utilize the system while focusing on their patients and improved outcomes.

User Reviews

Pros: The ease of using all parts, billing as well as clinical. The functionality makes you fall in love with the system. It is great.

Cons: Sometimes have slow response from customer support service when we are trying to solve a problem.

Verdict: We enjoy using gGastro EHR Suite!

  • Samantha, Vicksburg Women's Care, Inc
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: Ease of use! Updates are always great and effortless to learn. Easy to reach customer service compared with other PM systems. Great functionality.

Cons: The cost is a bit high for small practices.

Verdict: Consider the cost, but it is a great software.

  • Teresa, PeakMed
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: The customer service reps are great. They are always very concerned if the issue has been resolved or not. Claims submission is simple.

Cons: We do not think that the software is user friendly, it also lags sometimes.

Verdict: A satisfactory EHR software

  • Taylor, Medical Practice
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: System can be adjusted that helps the flow of work. The system hub helps with instruction on how to navigate the product and doing specific functions. Work flow has been improved up to a great extent.

Cons: The customer support can be improved, they answer very late.

Verdict: My personal review of gGastro

  • Donald, Sun State Cardiology
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: Easy to follow claims and a/r with work flows on every claim. Easy office pt work flow. Easy to use, great tutorials in the start.

Cons: The system itself runs slowly regardless of the computer its run on. Please do something about it.

Verdict: Good product that has some issues but can be improved

  • Ellen, Independence Foot and Ankle
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: The ease of use when working claims and the transparency of where the billing is currently sitting. We are having a great experience.

Cons: Some things require more clicks than other EHRs but it offers a lot more features.

Verdict: Excellent Electronic Health Record Software

  • Bruce, VeinCare Experts
  • Feb, 2018

Pros: gGastro is a great EHR system. Its easy to navigate and efficient for a specialty practice. Offers easy charting and intake.

Cons: The software does not show diagnosis codes. You have to navigate back to quick view to see patients address.

Verdict: The software is great for our practice

  • Katherine, Sinus & Respiratory Disease
  • Jan, 2018
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