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  • Meaningful Use Certification
  • Document Management
  • Mobility Capabilities
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Patient Portal
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Developed by gMed, gGastro Suite is a complete EHR solution designed just for gastroenterologists. The system promises to take the work out of your workflow and let everything flow with ease. Its practice management system has been designed to facilitate providers in optimizing their gastroenterology practice workflow. The system does this by reflecting upon the unique practice processes of gastroenterology practices and then streamlining the medical and administrative aspects of the office.

The gGastro Suite can securely integrate the office and endocenter in order to simplify the sharing of data among doctors, patients, and partners. The system is a best fit for practices looking to increase productivity and maximize connectivity. This medical practice software has been specifically tailored to suit the needs of practice of any size.

gGastro offers a cloud-based system as well as on an on-site server. Quality features of this EMR system include endoscopy report writing, patient portal, a facilitating practice management system and an advanced analytics tool. The system features forms specific to gastroenterology such as order sets and automatic procedure coding, specific patient questionnaires, and pre-configured diagnostic tools. The health IT system also supports lab integration and offers evaluations specific to the specialty.

gMed’s gGastro is is ICD-10 ready and its practice management system, automates administrative workflows for medical billing, appointment scheduling, collections management and reporting. The system also connects medical practices with the ASC to centralize all data into a single system. gPM can be fully integrated with gGastro.

To assists their clients further, the company offers a team of gastroenterology experts who can customize the software for their clients according to their workflow and also offer guidance the process of transition. Whether you are operate in a sole practice or are a network of doctors, gGastro Suite can help optimize your medical practice to its fullest potential.

User Reviews

Pros: Financial information reporting features are great.

Cons: It has trouble working with larger volume of date and reporting features of clinical aspect are weak.

Verdict: Needs upgrade

  • Andria, GI Associates
  • Nov, 2017

Pros: A very intuitive and easy to use.

Cons: We don't have any issues that are not being resolved

Verdict: Good product

  • Stacey, Digestive Healthcare
  • Aug, 2017
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