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HospitalRun EMR Software

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: Mar, 2021

HospitalRun EMR Software is an open-source and user-friendly software especially tailored for developing world healthcare. The software is designed to allow the least resourced environments to receive a modern information system.

HospitalRun provides complete Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions for healthcare providers, nurses, pharmacists, and finance or inventory managers. The technical feature of the software allows it to operate offline or without any connectivity and makes it extremely useful for clinics located in rural areas of the city. The intuitive interface of the software makes it easy to use and enhances the overall user experience. It offers a scheduling feature which helps to manage patient appointments in a breeze. The data entry interface is clean and provides a complete picture of patient listings with the name and the status of the treatment process. The robust features of automated integration testing and repo-enforced code standards make it an all-inclusive EMR solution.

The hospital information system furthermore offers lab integrations that connect the users to all major labs. The platform encourages people to collaborate to solve issues and problems in a unified way. NGOs, government, and the technology sector partner to bring about valuable changes for underdeveloped environments. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and it can be tested online by visiting the website. The HospitalRun 1.0.0 Beta provides a set of features that makes for clinical and administrative efficiencies. The basic modules include inpatient and outpatient visit tracking, operative planning, and reporting, consumable inventory reports are also available to be accessed and to gather insights. All patient information including diagnosis, history, medication orders, and procedures is available for the practitioner to be well-informed about their respective patient.

HospitalRun offers complete Electronic Health Records (EHR) software with imaging queue, medication orders, and user management facility that helps to get the day to day work done in an effective and productive manner.

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