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Ifa Systems is a web-based Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software developed by Ifa Systems AG a German based company that in 2005 began to target the US Healthcare Industry. Ifa Systems AG has more than 30 years of experience in developing ophthalmic medical technologies. As of today, more than 12000 eye care professionals use Ifa EMR software in their practices. Ifa EMR software can be used for all subspecialties such as, Retina, Glaucoma, Ophthalmic Surgery and General Ophthalmology.

Ifa EMR software is an advanced EcMR (Electronic connected Medical Records) system that supports more than 450 digital interfaces for Practice Management, Hospital Information Systems, Diagnosis and Therapy devices as well as other software applications.

Ifa EMR fine tunes an Ophthalmologist’s daily workflow by simplifying his day-to-day needs. Its SmartScreen user interface eliminates the chances of any duplicate data entry. The Ifa EMR is integrated with two image drawing and processing applications which include a scratchpad for quick sketches and Ifa EyeDraw that has built-in templates to save your time. A patient’s progress over time is presented visually in a meticulous way by Graphic Trend Reports.

A patient’s entire medical records including prescriptions, notes, images, drawings can be accessed with ease through a Patient Manager. It shares information directly with the Practice Management (PM) module where staff can manage a patient’s appointment from the point when they check-in and out, all in a single screen. Ifa’s Claim Error Information (CEI) finds errors so immediate changes can be made to save time and money.

Computerized scheduling and automated reminders make navigation easier and save clinical staffs’ time. The Telemedicine feature enables physicians to share patient data for consultations among communities with lack of specialists, such as rural areas. The EMR software streamlines all operations of a practice making front desk and administrative functionality efficient and productive.

Ifa Systems EcMR is suitable for any practice that focuses on eye care. Ifa Systems EMR can be a great fit for you if you are a solo physician or work in a practice that provides eye care treatment and offers care for subspecialties such as, Retina, Glaucoma, Ophthalmic Surgery and General Ophthalmology.

User Reviews

Pros: The billing process needs a lot of improvement. My time seeing patients is longer.

Cons: The cost is very high as compared to the other EMRs in the market. Faced issues with reminder calls not being sent correctly.

Verdict: The software crashes at times and you have to restart it all over again to resume your work.

  • Henry, Eyeland Care Center.
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: I have had to hire a billing expert and scribe to assist with the additional works and Ifa Systems EMR compensate me for the revenue.

Cons: The system is severely lacking and not understanding, if individuals make suggestions for improvement.

Verdict: Even if the suggestions and requests are pleased with Ifa Software, it facilitates our work and helps us to be very efficient.

  • John, Hodges Eyecare.
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: Easy to set-up patients on their portal. The option that you can send the provider a message thru the patient portal is also great.

Cons: They are more focused on forward improvement than dedicating resources to fix the small issues that we face.

Verdict: Overall Ifa Systems a great product with so many great features just a satisfactory software.

  • David, Sparks Family Medicine.
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: The Ifa Systems EMR Software are just sit there for your own amusement and The system is bit complicated to be honest.

Cons: In the chart everything is there and easy to find, you go the patientu2019s demography area and again anything demo or insurance is all there.

Verdict: Needs to get a lot better to compete with its competitors in the market.

  • Jack, Nova Eye Care Center.
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: The software is so easy to navigate and use I can say that the program is very easy to use and navigate.

Cons: Needs to get a lot better to compete with its competitors in the market.

Verdict: My opinion it is good but can be made better.

  • Herman, Primary Eye Care.
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: The patient portal has a good layout, the interfaces work very well for labs, faxes and pharmacy requests.

Cons: They refused to give me instruction and insisted that I have to pay above and beyond what I pay for the yearly support.

Verdict: Talk to their support, and see if you can understand them.

  • Andrea, Sunshine Pediatrics.
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: The software is incredibly easy to use and user friendly.

Cons: The system EcMR is severely lacking and not understanding.

Verdict: Not only the general customer support but the tech support too helps a lot in the initial stages of setting up the system.

  • Maryann, Maple Creek Medical.
  • Feb, 2018
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