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  • Meaningful Use Certification
  • Document Management
  • Mobility Capabilities
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • e-Prescribing
  • Practice Management



Medescribblr is quality EHR system that offers Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solutions. It is HIPPA compliant and meaningful use certified and uses tablets as a primary source of documentation. It also supports various other input methods which include handwriting, voice recognition and simple typing.

The Health It system is offered in two forms—Medscribbler Sovereign and Medscribbler Network. In Medscribbler Sovereign, all application control and patient data remains with the user and in Medscribbler Network, the database creation is handled in the cloud. Medscribbler Network further includes two free applications, namely, Medscribbler Progress Notes – used for charting purposes – and Medscribbler Scheduler which offers the flexibility of adding new applications on need basis, effortlessly.

Other applications offered in this health IT system include e-prescribing, billing, advanced scheduler, document management and transcription service. In Medscribbler Sovereign you get an integrated EMR and practice management system along with the option of hosting the database from an offsite location or on a server at the client’s location. The Health IT services provided by Medscribbler are only available to healthcare physicians operating in the U.S.

Medscribbler Community EMR is available free of charge and comes with a source code that allows practitioners to modify Medscribbler to their liking. Medscribbler Community has been released under the Open Source GPL. The best feature about this system is that it allows for embedded and direct handwriting. It also recognizes handwriting on a Tablet PC. Its developer say that it was the first EMR system to offer handwriting recognition capability. The system also offers voice recognition for those practitioners who like to dictate. In its essence Medscribbler Community is an application which was designed to be operated in a multi-computer environment through Tablet PCs and a wireless WiFi network.

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