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mEMR Software Powered By Mitochon

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: Dec, 2023

mEMR is an ONC-ATCB (2011 / 2012) certified electronic health records (EHR) system with an optional e-prescribing feature. It is a web-based system which is free of cost and is fully secured by a HIPAA-compliant and SAS70-certified data center called Amazon’s E2 Cloud.

The system can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, and this makes it perfect for medical practices that provide mobile healthcare services. mEMR has been designed in such a way that it runs on almost every platform. All users need is an internet connection to use this system and it requires absolutely no hardware to purchase or maintain. mEMR is so user-friendly that clinicians learn it in a matter of hours. It requires no implementation or training of any sort.

The system features fully integrated charting, notes making, referral, reporting, and patient scheduling systems. mEMR also offers customizable templates that can match workflows of all medical specialties. The system features mConnect Health Information Exchange (HIE), a quality and secure system that allows virtual collaboration between, labs, physicians, clinics, and hospitals. This boosts effective communication between concerned healthcare parties, reduces errors and improves outcomes.

mEMR can readily integrate with any billing application. It allows medical practices to integrate it with other medical software which they may like. All that is required is HL7 interface support. mEMR can function effectively with a wide variety of medical specialties, including Ob/Gyn, optometry, primary care, cardiology, pain management, orthopedics, and mental/behavioral health. Although it can be used by medical practices of all sizes, it is best suited to small practices with three or fewer providers.

Being a free EHR system, this is an excellent option for medical practices and clinicians using Health IT systems for the first time.

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