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Netsmart myUnity Home Health & Hospice Software

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: Jan, 2022

Netsmart myUnity Home Health & Hospice Software was previously known as DeVero ‎provides Electronic Health Records (EHR) software solutions to manage and support home ‎health care, hospice, pediatrics, and private duty.

Netsmart myUnity Home Health & Hospice Software is specially designed for human services and post-acute care ‎providers to meet the functionality of the specific workflow requirements. Information and data ‎are made accessible for clinical, administrative and financial members whenever needed. The key ‎features offered by myUnity Home Care software includes ePrescribing (e-Rx), automated order ‎management and advanced analytic dashboards. The platform is HIPAA compliant to ensure ‎the security and protection of information that is shared. The clinical point-of-care system is highly ‎intuitive, easy to use and compliant. The software system improves communication with the care ‎team in an all-inclusive solution. KPI dashboards help you track performance levels and clinical ‎assessment data. Intake, scheduling, and documentation are simplified so the provider can focus on ‎the patient. ‎

Netsmart myUnity Home Health & Hospice Software responsive tools help in coding, documentation, and billing. The referral manager ‎solution provides connectivity with referring sources that enable automation and integrate the ‎acceptance or rejection process effectively. Furthermore, the pediatric-specific features provide a ‎single clinical record to ease documentation, help manage claims and provides connectivity with ‎the healthcare system. Mobile facilitation enhances communication with team members and ‎supports documentation at the point of care. ‎

Telehealth solutions provide real-time connectivity and collaboration between consumers, ‎providers, and organizations. Netsmart’s telemedicine and telehealth software gives an ‎opportunity for patients to receive health care solutions and treatments remotely. The two ways, ‎high definition of virtual connection improves health outcomes greatly. The appointments can either ‎be on-demand or scheduled with the healthcare provider. Care coordination is enhanced with ‎robust integration engines provided by Netsmart software which connects your practice and ‎organization with thousands of providers to ensure the right information is available at the right time. ‎

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