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Nightingale EHR Software
EMR Software

Nightingale is a Web-based, integrated electronic health records (EHR) Software solution developed by Nightingale Informatix Corporation. The health IT solution is suited for practices of all sizes and caters to the needs of all specialties.

The system can seamlessly integrate with medical records, practice management, billing, and interoperability solutions. Core features of this system include e-prescriptions, clinical notes, real-time access to patient information, chronic disease management and preventive management.

The practice management module of Nightingale assists practices with patient scheduling, medical billing, patient registration, and document management. The system features an interactive dashboard that gives practitioners the ability to easily categorize work queues and highlight critical information in order to prioritize tasks.

The system also allows practices to create their own customized exam charts that fit their practice needs. This is done by selecting one of the pre-designed templates available in the system. The company’s design team also works hand in hand with the practice staff to design an EMR utilizing the medical forms currently being used in the client’s practice.

Nightingale also features a booking assistant tool that supports all scheduling tasks, such as waitlist management, patient visits, and group program bookings. The system further offers batch scanning tools which assist in directly uploading relevant sections of patient medical charts, consent forms, and insurance card images for the sole purpose of comprehensive recordkeeping of all documents in one place.

Nightingale is ICD-10 ready and ONC-ATCB certified. It is also HIPPA compliant and assists clinicians in reporting all measures of Meaningful Use to win incentives from the government. If you are a small to mid-sized practice looking for a web-based Health IT system that combines three core modules—practice management, electronic health records (EHR), and patient scheduling—into a single solution, then this might just be the system you need.

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