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Open Dental Practice Management Software

Rating: 5
Reviews: 1
: Jan, 2021

Open Dental Practice Management Software is open-source software designed for the dental industry. It contains all the functionality of a typical Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software whether it be online billing, e-prescriptions (e-Rx), or graphics & imaging, etc. Open Dental offers EHR Solutions suitable for small as well as large-sized practices.

The e-Prescribing (e-Rx) feature offered by Open Dental Practice Management Software provides different templates for printed prescriptions. These prescriptions can be automatically recorded and reviewed using an additional feature of special-purpose reports.

Open Dental EMR Software System includes a dedicated patient portal for online billing, viewing appointments or treatment plans, receive and send emails, and download a summary of healthcare data. The appointment calendar displayed is highly customizable and provides a color-coding facility to make the information recorded easily interpretable. This calendar has two view options i.e. weekly or monthly which allow the users to set the interface according to their desire.

Open Dental Practice Management Software treatment plan module organizes all the treatment data for individual patients in order of priority. This module facilitates the users to add, send, and edit preauthorization treatment forms and customize the fee proposal for specific cases.

This software is supported by various operating systems including Mac OS, Linux, Windows 8, Windows XP, and Windows 10. Customer support is offered via phone or chat.

User Reviews for Open Dental Practice Management Software

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    Pros: The layout of the software is very clean and easily understandable

    Cons: I had a little trouble reading the accounts from the software but the tech support guided my way through it.

    Verdict: For a person without any software related background, the interface was easily understandable for me.

    Katelyn, Good Neighbor Dental

    May, 2019

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