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Practice Partner
EMR Software

Practice Partner is a certified electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software that allows practices to give healthcare to an increased number of patients and consequently improving their bottom line. The technology behind this Health IT system has a proven record of helping practices of all sizes and specialties nationwide. The solution is designed to help medical practices in becoming more productive and profitable while consecutively improving care quality.

Practice Partner features a suite of tools designed to give medical practices the flexibility they require to manage the complex business and clinical demands common today. The core features of this system include, fully integrated EHR and practice management solution, chart updates from a single point of entry, dashboards for schedules, tasks, messages, results and overdue orders, E-prescribing, flexible scheduling with complex rules and streamlined workflow and billing.

Practice Partner is CCHIT and ONC-ATCB certified solution which is also HIPAA compliant and can be deployed on-premise. Until now it has served more than 25,000 users across practices of all sizes. The practice management component of this software allows physicians to collect and manage patient information which is required for referral management, registration, and other patient communication. The software further includes features such as real-time eligibility checks and smart waiting list management.

Practice Partner’s clinical workflow is Flexible and efficient and uses Bright Note Technology™, which automatically updates the entire medical chart from a single point of entry. This includes everything from vital signs and problem lists to allergies and medications. The documentation tools of this system are able to adapt to the preferences of medical practices and farther give them a variety of data-entry methods which include speech recognition, templates, transcription, dictation, digital pen, and web-based patient data entry.

The software also assists medical practices in improving their revenue with more accurate claims coding and reduces labor costs. It allows practices to reduce complexity and simplify billing through automated payments and less data entry work. Its user-friendly dashboards provide easy and swift access to schedules, messages, task lists, results, overdue orders, and other relevant information. This health It solution is the key to delivering exceptional healthcare, and medical service to patients.

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