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  • Meaningful Use Certification
  • Document Management
  • Mobility Capabilities
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Templates
  • e-Prescribing
  • Patient Portal



Practice Fusion a cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) program that has been specifically designed to improve the flow of information between doctors and patients with the aim of boosting efficiency in medical procedures and saving the valuable lives of the people.

The software is known to be the largest cloud-based EHR present today. Through Practice Fusion, its developer aims at reshaping the future of healthcare industry. They plan to do this by offering solutions that cover not only the needs of physicians and their patients, but also those of laboratories, pharmacies, imaging centers, and other health related businesses.

Practice Fusion is reported to be delivering better and efficient results in medical procedures ranging from clinical decisions to tracking Meaningful Use progress. The administrative section of the software allows easy scheduling of appointments and everyday medical documentation of patients’ files. The billing aspect of this software helps physicians in verifying insurance eligibility. In a nut shell, the program literally does everything for your practice. Practice Fusion is also ICD-10 ready.

A team of experienced healthcare and technology individuals stand behind Practice Fusion. These people are forever absorbed in tireless efforts aimed at advancing health technology to offer best services to clinicians so they can save more lives. The company behind Practice Fusion also has a dedicated research team that provides valuable insights aiming at delivering better services related to healthcare.

Practice Fusion is a dependable health IT software and enjoys a vast clientele who further sponsor innovative programs targeted at improving patients’ health and similar other medical procedures common at all medical practices. It is due to their generous contributions, that the company behind this software is able to offer the health IT solution free of cost to all practices.

User Reviews

Pros: Simple design, integrated calendar and easy and customizable templates.

Cons: Lab or imaging or order do not produce alerts, it is geared mostly for primary care physicians, their attempts at assisting in clinical decision making fails.

Overall: It is highly likely that drastic changes in cost or service occur

  • Alice, Revive of Colorado
  • May, 2018

Pros: It was better when it was free

Cons: The business model changed, they will promise training which will never happen, they will fight you to stay in their contract.

Overall: BEWARE

  • Kevin, Alice Wei, MD
  • May, 2018

Pros: Super customize-able and very user friendly in the documentation section.

Cons: The software lacks the ability to connect or link many popular billing systems.

Overall: Decent capability when it was free.

  • Josh, Browning Chiropractic
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: It is a tad inexpensive as compared to other products in the market.

Cons: It takes ages to talk to a customer care personal.

Overall: If you want to wait hours to 2 days for support this product is for you.

  • Bronwen, Bronwen Erickson, FNP-C
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: Fairly simple and user friendly.

Cons: Horrible support, click crazy environment, uncertain changes and updates.

Overall: Not worth the monthly cost

  • Paul, My Country Doctor
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: It was good when it was free, templates are pretty decent and customizable.

Cons: There are forms and more forms instead of proper customer support. The "super bill" is cumbersome.

  • Marie, PHX Wellness, LLC
  • Apr, 2018

Pros: I dont like anything about it

Cons: Every time I open a link they will tell me the price, it was free once but now will have to pay for every small thing.

  • Joann, Healthcare
  • Apr, 2018
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