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RevFlow EMR and Medical Billing Software

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: Dec, 2023

RevFlow Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Medical Billing Software by BMS Practice Solutions is a robust end-to-end practice management software. Its web-based application offers patient scheduling, medical billing and reporting, insurance tracking, and A/R management & collections. RevFlow Cloud-based Practice management and medical billing software are designed for small-sized physical therapy/rehabilitation practices.

This quality physical therapy practice management solution allows physical therapists customizable options to shadow their specific workflow. It incorporates treatments and protocols and ensures patient medical documentation meets payer standards. The software prompts accurate procedure codes and supports an application of payment rules.

To put all simply, the main feature of this health IT system include: quick patient registration & appointment scheduling, Electronic Medical Record Management for every stage of a patient’s case from the initial exam to follow-up visits and discharge, Insurance Tracking for each patient’s individual case, Billing Management & Reporting, A/R Management & Collections, Analytics to examine your staff’s productivity and performance.

People using this system have access to a resource center that can be used for training purposes, receiving updates, and accessing customer support. All medical information uploaded in this system is stored at a secure HIPAA compliant data center.

ReVFlow EMR Software is the best in class physical therapy Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions currently available in the market. The company leads in both Canada and North America for physical therapy EMR and is so far the most experienced EMR provider.

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