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  • Meaningful Use Certification
  • Document Management
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Templates
  • e-Prescribing
  • Patient Portal
  • E&M Coding
  • Practice Management
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SammyEHR by ICS Software Ltd. is a complete set of software that is not only user-friendly but super intuitive as well. With the aim to speed up workflow, SammyEHR Electronic Health Records (EHR) Software is excellent for small to medium-sized practices.

SammyEHR includes SamNotes, electronic prescriptions, insurance eligibility, and patient portal. The software is very customizable and is robust enough to learn to work the way a physician desires. Previous notes can be repeated in one click, the system will automatically update demographic information as needed. Providers are also facilitated with the ability to import x-rays, MRIs, ultrasounds, pictures, etc. into individual patient charts with ease. Sammy automatically generates the problem list by gathering information from other areas of the system. The software has a great Clinical Decision Support function to maintain clinical quality measure.

The Meaningful Use certified software includes an efficient patient portal to help patients and care staff to communicate better. Patients can send request appointment and fill intake forms, very securely using the portal.

SammyEHR’s also includes practice management (PM) to cover the billing and operational side of a practice. Claims can be entered quickly and error free. The checks and balances in Sammy make sure to warn users during claim entry to ensure that there are no problems, confirming an error-free batch of claims. Sammy has all the essential tools needed to provide practices with timely and correct eligibility data. Its eligibility feature automatically manages patients’ insurance statuses and deductibles. The software can also post payments automatically.

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