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SupraMed EHR Software

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: Dec, 2023

SupraMed is an EHR system and a practice management solution designed for providers and surgeons specializing in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. The health IT solution was created by surgeons themselves and utilizing the advancement in technology, they have created the perfect medical practice management system for the mentioned specialties. The software has been built to suit the needs of all sizes of plastic and cosmetic surgery practices.

This unique health IT system offers numerous packages designed to meet the needs of various practices by offering the most required tools and customizable templates for all kinds of workflows. The complete suite offers a quality patient scheduling system, a dependable electronic health recording software and even a combined solution for desiring practices.

It is a cloud-based EHR system and the data uploaded on it is stored safely and securely in SupraMed’s data systems. These data systems are all HIPAA compliant and through them, medical practices don’t even have to worry about HIPAA compliance. The system encrypts all sensitive information and ensures that it never falls in the wrong hands. The company knows how important the confidentiality of patient medical records is and this is why the company behind it ensures the best practices to keep all data safe.

Quality features offered by SupraMed include e-prescribing, re-treat patient targeting, lead tracking, photo management and more than 200 cosmetic surgery procedure and H&P templates. The health IT system comes complete with a patient portal and this allows patients to upload their health history, sign consent forms, and update their own medical information whenever needed.

SupraMed is renowned and dependable software that won the San Diego CONNECT Capital Competition. The EHR system was also a finalist at the SXSW V2Venture Summit and a finalist at the 2014 Plastic Surgery Foundation Shark Tank Innovation Challenge.

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