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UrgiChart EMR Software
EMR Software

UrgiChart is an Urgent Care Specialty EMR solution offering electronic health record (EHR) management, e-prescribing, and patient communication tracking. The system is cloud-based and has been designed to cater to the needs of small to midsize urgent care facilities and similar emergency care departments. UrgiChart can be accessed through desktop and mobile devices and is available at a monthly subscription.

The software enables practitioners to customize chart macros. Chart macros are frequently capturing regularly occurring clinical scenarios. This allows the chart fields to get auto-populated with information that is common to specific medical situations such as ear infections or ankle sprains. These can then be edited if the case at hand is different from the previous one. This saves practitioners a lot of time and helps them at concentrating more on the patients.

Medical charting has also been integrated perfectly into the UrgiChart workflow. This system is also equipped with ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes. The system also allows visit summaries to be sent automatically to the patient’s primary care provider. This provider can then forward referrals to specialists. All communication with patients and their follow-ups are recorded and tracked in this system. If you like this software but still like some of the other features of your existing practice management system, the software can be integrated with multiple existing EMR systems.

UrgiChart delivers speed and quality in patient care, while consecutively supporting the requirement for complete and accurate medical records. Its developers have built various workflows into the system and this allows the software to work the way physicians prioritize, capture, and disseminate data. The software is a perfect fit for practices looking to computerize their clinical procedures in the best way possible.

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