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Valant EMR Software

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: Jan, 2021

Valant Electronic Medical Records (EHR) software has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of mental and behavioral health practice. Valant EMR software provides tools to providers that help them in streamlining documentation, increasing efficiency, and enhancing the productivity of their healthcare practice.

The fully integrated EMR suite offers secure patient records, data documentation, patient scheduling, Practice Management (PM) software, and a patient portal. Valant Electronic Health Records (EHR) emphases exclusively on behavioral health that is why users don’t have to navigate through billing codes and documentation templates made for other physician specialties.

Valant EMR software offers a library of outcome measures for doctors to utilize and track over time. Patients can go through these assessments from their homes using the Patient Portal, or in a live session with the clinician. The results are documented in clinical notes and securely stored in patient records.

The data documentation templates provide click-to-narrative technology to decrease typing and simplify the creation of structured notes. That is why the software is completely incorporated, information like diagnosis and medication is pulled directly into the note from the patient charts.

The Valant Practice Management (PM) suite allows users to generate fee charges directly from the calendar, eliminating manual data entry. If you are a medical practice looking for a top Electronic Medical Records software system that has been designed for mental and behavioral health practices, then Valant Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software might just be the right software system for you.

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    Pros: Our practice pharmacy has a lot of on its plate. Here are the ways you can improve clinical and financial results.

    Cons: I don't usually go into detail like this when I write reviews.

    Verdict: Just make sure you get everything in required in here the best EMR practice for health.

    Dennis, Hygea Mental Health.

    Jan, 2019

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