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Developed by EMRgence, VeinSpec is a quality electronic medical records (EMR) Software system designed for vein specialists. It also meets the requirements of general and vascular surgery practices. The software is HIPAA compliant and helps medical practices in effectively eliminating complicated paper charts and efficiently handles images, prescriptions, and diagnosis data. VeinSpec EMR also offers patient scheduling and electronic medical billing services.

This EMR system is actually a real-time, patient-specific, point-of-care application that fulfills the ongoing needs of medical professionals. It does this through its variety of innovative features which include patient scheduling, information storage, patient reminder calling, along with back-up and maintenance of all physicians’ notes, images, prescription data, voice files, medical charts, transcription, lab reports, and diagnosis.

VeinSpec comes with several key features such as e-Prescriptions, appointment reminder calls, disaster recovery plan, detailed user dashboard, cancellation queue, digital dictation, unlimited ultrasound, clinical photo storage, and 24/7 remote access. The software also provides multi-user scheduling facility to cater to unlimited simultaneous login by users. This eliminates the waiting for login and offers access to the same medical file to multiple users concurrently.

VeinSpec EMR offers a user-friendly, dynamic, and fully customizable interface that easily adapts workflows of all sorts.  The comprehensive features offered with this medical solution are innovative, customer-driven, and are continuously updated. This allows the system to keep pace with the rapidly changing healthcare industry.

VeinSpec has been developed with due planning that took into serious consideration the many suggestions developers received from EMR users and comprehensive conversations with medical experts. The result was that EMRgence produced an easy to use, a multi-functional application that streamlines the processes in a medical office and transforms it into a paperless powerhouse.

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