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WellSky Home Health EMR Software

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: Sep, 2021

WellSky® Home Health EMR Software is web-based software for home health. The aim of the powerful software is to increase efficiency, grow profits, and enhance care for patients.

WellSky® Home Health EMR Software is designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use so clinicians feel comfortable and confident using it. The solution is easily accessible on all devices which include tablets, laptops, and smartphones which provides great flexibility and makes sure that the provider has all the knowledge at his/her fingertips. The Electronic Health Records software is comprehensive enough to combine all your practice needs in one application to facilitate communication and streamline daily workflows.

WellSky® Home Health EMR Software has a set of powerful tools and features including, intake and scheduling, filing claims, financial reporting, predictive analysis, and delivery of care. The intake and scheduling feature of the software helps to optimize patient intake and supports calendar management. Your practice and agency can receive referrals in a breeze and manage eligibility easily. Care coordination is enhanced due to the HIPAA Compliant messaging facility. The robust point-of-care software provides intuitive charting solutions that simplify daily tasks and documentation processes for the clinician. The internal email system of the software allows users to attach messages related to patient care directly to the patient’s chart.

The billing services of WellSky® Home Health EMR Software helps to shorten and enhance the health billing revenue cycle. The simple workflow lets the users to quickly batch and submit claims as orders and visits are completed. Financial reporting tools provide great insight to users through daily reports and dashboards. Through greater financial clarity the practice is able to identify growth areas.

WellSky® Home Health EMR Software offers a complete set of solutions designed for hospitals, homes, practices, and community to provide exceptional care and improve patient outcomes. WellSky Home Health offers its users some useful resources like Ebooks, blogs, tip sheets, and videos so that the provider can make the most of their EHR software system.

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