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NextGen Healthcare Software
EMR Software

NextGen Healthcare Software is a quality Health IT solution designed for medical practices looking for an integrated software suite featuring electronic health records, practice management, and revenue cycle management modules. The system is designed to suit the needs of medical practices of all sizes and supports more than 25 practice specialties.

Core features of this system include population health recording, clinical content management, health analytics, HIE/interoperability, and EDI solutions which could be delivered on enterprise, cloud, and mobile-based platforms.

NextGen Healthcare clients are known to be participating in more than 33% of Accountable Care Organizations. Accredited Patient-Centered Medical Homes account for 40% of NextGen Healthcare primary care clients. NextGen EHR is also equipped with a Patient Portal that allows clinicians to communicate with patients and vice versa. Patients can also request medication refills and also schedule appointments through this portal.

NextGen Professional Services also feature financial, clinical, and technical consulting. The Clinical consulting services assist physicians in aligning clinical workflows with latest value-based care reimbursements. Financial consulting assists practice management staff in optimizing the HIT investments. Technical consulting helps medical practices in aligning HIT with goals and processes of the healthcare organization.

NextGen EHR is ONC-ATCB and ICD-10 certified. NextGen EHR works under a fully HIPPA compliant environment and the EHR enables the doctors to get the Meaningful Use certification If you are a small to mid-sized practice looking for an EHR, then this might just be the system you need!

User Reviews

Pros: Relatively easy user interface to perform key tasks like charting, maintaining lists, ordering referrals, phone encounters etc. Customizable documents and templates.

Cons: Performance lags, repeatedly dropped services (taxes, offline document generation).

Verdict: Customer support and staff is very helpful , overall a good EHR.

  • Lawrence, Rural Medical Service
  • Aug, 2018

Pros: Uses chrome, mac friendly E-Rx of controlled substances works well.

Cons: Support is rather slow, there server often crashes leaving us dead in water. It is challenging to make changes in the templates. Office notes don't open in a separate window, initial training is non-existent and we are always referred to online videos.

Verdict: Nextgen has improved on Meditouch EHR

  • Dr., Georgia Pain Associates
  • Aug, 2018

Pros: With many options to personalize your standards, system works well on a tablet.

Cons: It is hard sometimes to get training. The scanned documents are not saved by subcategory but by date.

Verdict: Adequate system

  • Taryn, Global Pain Management
  • Jul, 2018

Pros: The software seems extremely professional. The best thing about the software is the ease of use it provides. It also offers great customization and great templates.

Cons: The customer support service needs improvement and needs some work.

Verdict: A great user friendly and easy to use EHR

  • Rupert, Better Foot Care
  • Jun, 2018

Pros: Can operate globally because of the cloud-based system. All the IT improvements are done by them.

Cons: After the company is bought by health fusion the customer support has gone worse.

Verdict: Quality and functionality are good.

  • Philip, San Diego Urology
  • May, 2018

Pros: It can do pretty much whatever you want an EHR tp do. The product is highly powerful and customizable but is also very complex and requires an SME.

Cons: Most overwhelming customization,, a lot of training required to make the best out of it, they will want to charge you pay back for the EHR as well.

Verdict: This is not for casual users.

  • John, Colorado Rehab
  • Mar, 2018

Pros: Customer support is friendly and tries to help as much as possible, robust reporting features.

Cons: Some features which were the reason we bought the product in the first place are taken away.

Verdict: Okay experience

  • Geneth, Cumberland Home Doctors
  • Feb, 2018
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