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Kareo is a web-based Health IT solution offering Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Practice Management (PM) services. The company also offers quality and dependable Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. The EHR is ICD-10 ready and Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certified.

Kareo’s EHR is built to be customizable and easy to use. The cloud-based health IT solution offers a comprehensive dashboard, allows simple charting, electronic superbills, e-prescribing, an integrated patient portal, lab interfaces and a secured messaging system for enhanced and secure interoperability.

Developed to cater to the needs of small private practices, Kareo ensures seamless workflow between back and front offices of a medical practice through its user-friendly PM software. It covers functions such as insurance confirmation, patient scheduling, delinquent account management, patient file management, collections process, and customized report development and becomes the perfect assistant for office managers.

Kareo EHR offers support to various healthcare specialties such as family medicine, mental health, pediatrics, neurology, cardiology, and podiatry. It is programmed with built-in templates to ease workflow and comes complete with ICD-10 codes. The software is customizable and is purpose-built to enhance practice efficiency and users throughout.

Kareo is a web-based system and can be installed and functional within 48 hours of signing. There is no hassle of contracts and set-up fees. Its costs start from $150 per provider for software only. Clinicians can further choose the complete suite and service package for 4-9% of revenue collections.

User Reviews

Pros: The support has been very kind and pleasant to work with, the functionality features are excellent.

Cons: The learning curve was a bit larger than expected, some features which were free at once are now restricted.

Verdict: Can be overwhelming until you get a hang of it.

  • Michael, Acupuncture & Physical Therapy P.C.
  • Aug, 2018

Pros: I came in with no experience in healthcare but was able to completely understand it in a week. It has made our work easier and we don't have to stay late to finish our daily claims.

Cons: Sometimes the changes aren't updated in a timely manner but their team is very supportive and dedicated.

Verdict: We have been using this for the past 3 years and we still love it.

  • Gregory, Focus Healthcare
  • Jul, 2018

Pros: You can use Karoe for every step of the healthcare process. From checking in patients, entering their insurance information, even verifying Medicare.

Cons: They have a lot of changes, most of which we do not get a heads up for. Give more updates to remove bugs.

Verdict: Great software for every practice

  • Russell, OrthoAtlanta
  • Jun, 2018

Pros: Looks great and has all of the functionality one would want. Great functionality in billing and algorithms. Easy accessibility.

Cons: I found it hard to determine pricing. The software is a tad expensive.

Verdict: Very nice product

  • William, Abundant Living Chiropractic
  • Jun, 2018

Pros: The customer support service has been very helpful throughout. The tech support also aided a lot in the initial stages of implementation.

Cons: Billing should be made easier.

Verdict: Overall satisfied with the EHR

  • Zack, WiseCare LLC
  • May, 2018

Pros: Easy documentation and navigation. Offers great customization ability.

Cons: Nothing, i love it!

Verdict: One of the best in the market.

  • Becky, Rapid Response Urgent Care
  • May, 2018

Pros: The best thing about the software is its functionality and interface. The system is easy to use and user friendly.

Cons: The billing system and customer service needs improvement. Rest is fine

Verdict: Overall a great product!!!

  • Robert, Medical Practice
  • May, 2018
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