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UroChart EHR Software By IntrinsiQ

Rating: 4
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: Sep, 2021

UroChart Electronic Health Records (EHR) software by IntrinsiQ is specifically designed for Urology practices. It is built according to the workflow of a urology practice and enables practitioners and staff to avoid having to search through non-urology content or build content from scratch.

UroChart Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software ensures improved productivity and efficiency for physicians and staff. Many prominent features of Urochart EHR software package include Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Insurance Eligibility Check, Multi-User Accessibility, Easy Navigation and Innovative timeline feature that chronologically graphs a patient’s aggregate data.

UroChart Urology EMR software has built-in codes and templates to support routine diagnosis and patient charting. The EMR software offers:

  • Over 200 CC/HPI templates;
  • Over 350 Urology O.V. diagnosis templates;
  • Over 65 Urology patient hand out templates;
  • Over 15 guideline/health maintenance protocols.

Consistent with the aim of developing fast and efficient software solutions for urologists, UroChart EHR software is consistent and enhances the ability to focus on the patient, not the paperwork. UroChart EMR Software’s unique user interface, along with the most advanced mobile web browser available, provides devices robust usability with wireless mobile UroChart EMR software. The system is compatible with iOS-based devices and can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

These are all fully customizable templates that doctors can modify to add and replace widgets and selection options that they prefer on their dashboard.

Patient Portal platform is also available with the UroChart EMR software. Patients can access their Medical Summary, Prescriptions, Schedule Appointments and Request for Prescription Refills with the help of the IntrinsiQ patient portal. Moreover, they can also have secure communication with their Health Care Provider.

This health IT software is ONC-ATCB certified as a modular EHR software in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

User Reviews for UroChart EHR Software By IntrinsiQ

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    Pros: UroChart is a great system that streamlines medical practice to hospital's systems for a more robust medical record.

    Cons: The everything an could but often times organizations aren't necessarily looking for all the bells and whistles of an UroChart EHR so a less robust solution.

    Verdict: The standard product from decent but there are often upcharges for basic additional functionality that practices feel should be included.

    Donald, Premier Urological Care Center.

    Feb, 2018

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