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EMR Software

AdvancedMD Electronic Health Records software (EHR) software is a cloud-based EMR and Medical Practice Management solutions provider, offering its users industrial-grade computing experience with renowned speed, secure access, and support. Due to its web-based nature, it does not require any software installation or maintenance.

Some of the many functions offered by AdvancedMD EHR Software include Scheduling, Documentation, e-Prescribing (e-x), Revenue Management, and Financial Reporting. The EMR software automatically updates to manage all regulatory changes; Meaningful Use (MU), as smoothly as possible, without hindering day to day operations, helping you get the stimulus money you need while still being focused on treating patients and provide quality care.

AdvancedMD EMR Software also offers an ICD-10 Toolkit, a free app from the Apple App Store that gives private practices a suite of ICD-10 preparation tools. It tracks preparedness for ICD-10, compares ICD-9 codes with the ICD-10 equivalents, views potential risk assessments, uses as a quick and convenient search for ICD-10 codes, adds ICD-10 codes to charge slip templates, and views articles and action plans to guide your transition.

The Cloud-based application ensures that practitioners can sign in from any location and gain immediate, secure access to the data, and perform tasks with minimal hassle. It can be accessed through any handheld device and mobile phone, making healthcare available on-the-go, enabling doctors to manage data from anywhere for better accuracy.

AdvancedMD Electronic medical records software (EMR Software) provides users, access to patient information, billing, and lab reports in seconds. It merges all the daily tasks of a medical practice at one platform providing ease of use.

AdvancedMD billing services allow private practices to outsource their entire billing operations. A practice signing up for AdvancedMD Medical Billing Services can have their entire claims process managed by billing experts who manage any oversights, and ensure that all claims get paid accurately.

AdvancedMD Advanced Insight Reporting measures financial performance for practices. This provides physicians and practice administrators with a detailed set of reports to measure the financial performance of their practice at any time.

AdvancedMD EHR Software is priced on a monthly subscription basis; it does not require any contract, and customer support is included. It is supported by Windows as well as iOS for the iPad and iPhone.

User Reviews

Pros: The software is Good and They have canned videos to show you how to do basic things.

Cons: Not at all user-friendly or intuitive. They have lots of errors and support staff faile transmissions.

Verdict: Too many different ways to do the same thing making it convoluted.

  • Roy, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center.
  • Nov, 2018

Pros: Great Scheduling tool and a great reporting and billing tool as well

Cons: There is no ability to block or unblock or schedule over a block to be managed.

Verdict: Great software

  • Jamie, Nashville Knee and Shoulder Center
  • May, 2018

Pros: Ease to navigate between each window. The collection is very useful for keeping track of overdue balances all in one window.

Cons: I wish more than 3 patients charts could be opened at one time. Not a lot of cons to be honest.

Verdict: Very Efficient

  • Neera, Necklall Khooblall Inc
  • May, 2018

Pros: Tab system is easy to navigate. Customer support is good at putting out fires.

Cons: The templates are only easy if you are into IT. There doesnt seem to be any proactive resources for small clinics

Verdict: Satisfaction is fair

  • Bronwyn, Main Street Family Clinic
  • May, 2018

Pros: easy once you learn, scheduler and reporting features are great. New updates come out all the time.

Cons: Having to watch videos to learn.

Verdict: Positive Experience so far

  • Cindy, DATC
  • May, 2018

Pros: It is great to know which patient was last posted, payments from the quick pay screen are helpful

Cons: The reporting system lacks patient list report by carrier.

Verdict: Not as userfriendly

  • Jill, Ronald Bezahler MD
  • May, 2018

Pros: I like the fax feature we can easily fax out medical records from the patients chart

Cons: We need a training session

Verdict: Not user friendly

  • Danielle, Shankle Clinic
  • May, 2018
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